Update Seven

All things work together for good. He will never fail or abandon us. He has our best interests in mind and what we are in need of. Even if we don’t know what we are in need of.

He knew what He was doing when he had my path cross the path of a team that was down here for three weeks. We really became family in the two weeks we were together, and I feel like I’ve known them a whole lot longer than just two short weeks. But also it was a good time of laughter, encouragement, lifting each other up or working side by side, praying for each other, pizza parties. The late night card games when everyone is tired and in a goofy mood, or the time I hung out with them while they painted. Some may have gotten on our faces!

Super thankful for each of these people.



Recently I moved from the main building down the hill/mountain (call it what you want!) to the baby house. Casa de los Angelitos. And it’s been good to be able to be more apart of the family, but it’s also been an adjustment.

And I was recently in a major down swing. In a valley. Kind of wanted to crawl in a hole and not come out.

But something I realized was that, I’ve been focusing on the whole future and not the day in front of me. I was too focused on the next 5 months, how am I going to do ____? What am I going to do when I get home?

There’s a very specific reason God told us not to worry about the future! We get overwhelmed. Depressed. Our tiny human minds can’t process that much future at once!

And so I’m learning to take the day in front of me, and make the most out of it. How can I best love these kids today? What does God have in store for today? And then finding the tiny little beautiful things He places in it for us to find and take joy in! Like little treasures along our path.

Like when you and two of the little boys get in a goofy “chase me and laugh a lot” kind of thing. Tickling and just having fun.

Or walking one of them to school. Seeing the sun rise and breathing in the fresh morning air.

Or tiny little human laughs, hugs and kisses!

There is so much in one day to find beautiful if you let yourself. So much packed into that space of time that you can be thankful for. Opportunities in that day to pray and just talk to God!

We can’t be full of Him if we aren’t empty of ourselves. Give Him those disappointments, fears, struggles. He want’s to take them for us! And just fill up on His goodness.

Through it all, my eyes are on you, and it is well with my soul.


We went on a walk last week to come and see this view. And the picture just doesn’t do it justice. In those clouds is a huge volcano. and it really makes you stop and think. We aren’t as big and mighty as we like to think sometimes. It puts life back into perspective.



So on a more day to day “what’s it like”, the weather has been anywhere from 70-79 in the day and 49-52 during the night. I’m starting to get brown (they laugh at me when I say that lol!) and walking at lease 300 stairs a day, depending on how often you go back and fourth makes you lose weight.

Favorite foods- arroz con leche. It’s a warm milk with cooked rice in it. amazing! Refried beans. and of course…the coffee!

And you know you always see those “tall people problems” everywhere. The shower head is at my neck. Yup. Tall people problems haha! And when I see another tall person…I get really excited! (I need to get out more.)

I’m learning more Spanish, little phrases, but it’s still slow. But it feels so amazing when you can understand someone in Spanish. Like wow. My brain can do that?! Little steps.

Also recently got to sit down and facetime my family. It was super good to see them, but man it made me miss them so much! Seeing home and not being able to  go there is such a weird feeling. Love them so!

I am so thankful for this life. Even if I don’t understand it sometimes, it’s such a privilege to be able to be here, and love these kids, even if I feel like I’m changing a diaper every time I turn around! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Update Seven

  1. I am so proud of you for facing your fears and resolving to find joy in every day things. You look so beautiful and happy in those pictures, even though I know it’s been a hard adjustment for you. Treasure these days! And treasure your indulgent Father who is giving them to you. Picture Him standing just a few feet down the path (literal and figurative) waiting to show you something that reveals His character and love for you. Expect it and ask Him to make you more aware of that each moment. Hugs! We’re praying for you!


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