:: Update Thirteen ::

Sitting here in the airport right now, my flight out of Guatemala was delayed, all of Delta is delayed and while everyone is not happy about it, i’m happy because it gives me more time not to have to enter the outside American world.

Honestly it’s been so hard. Coming in for landing in Atlanta, and the ‘culture shock’ from the air just hit so bad and I told God “God, I can’t do America. Honestly I can’t” I miss Guatemala and it’s ways so much. I miss the people and the atmosphere. I miss my home.

I am excited to see my family. Don’t get me wrong lol! It’s just so hard to leave someplace you know full well you belong. But God knows. His planes are perfect and I know He has some great things in store. I am also excited to see what else He has to show me while I’m home. Time to think and process this trip and start to prepare for the next:)




Wednesday was my last day in the orphanage and in the school, and all 4 grades that i’ve been with these past months got together and almost all the kids gave me a little message. my heart just melted.

How is it one person can be so loved? It overwhelms my heart how much love these kids give.


These past 6 months have been the hardest of my life. So much stripping of self and filling of who God is. So much growth in my faith. Trust. Patience. But not only that, He has grown my heart and mind. The ways I think and process life.

I’m still in the airport. And honestly afraid to leave it. I’m afraid for it to be daytime again where I can see America again in the light. I’m so afraid.

But God is good. All the time. Even when I don’t think I can handle something, He knows.

Joshua 1:9 keeps coming up. Have courage. Be strong. Don’t be afraid because I AM WITH YOU!!! What other promise do I need in life other than the promise that the maker of the universe, of galaxies to tiny plants that nobody sees, is with me, and He won’t abandon me.

While today technically ‘ends’ my trip, I still have a lot of processing to do. and I’m asking if you could please pray for me to:

. Be able to deal with culture shock.

. That I’d not get depressed to where I just quit learning.

. And as I’m praying about returning for a longer amount of time!


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