Why Anna-EN-Guatemala instead of IN? In case you didn’t know, ‘en’ is ‘in’ in Spanish, and ‘en’ was what was available for my domain name 🙂

(that was a lot of ‘ins’ lol!)


Now that I’m done with school, I wanted to be open to what God wanted for me in this time, and really felt led to go back to Guatemala for an extended time.

I went to Casa Bernabe two years ago for a month to work at an orphanage. That’s where I’ll be going back, only this time for 5 months 🙂

January 1st – June 1st.

Here is where I’ll be updating throughout those 5 months when wifi and time lets me. Just the little things in life, or something God has been showing me. Kind of like a journal!

Thank you for stopping by.