Update Three

I haven’t been too good at keeping this updated.

Being busy kind of does things to you.

Over and over, God keeps putting me in places to trust Him. All sorts of situations. But one of them being the ways I get the funds for my trip.

And the process has been so humbling. To see Jesus come through, in His delight to bless us, His children. The way He’s stilled all my fears with His perfect peace.

After a really hard day, about 2 weeks ago, I got a check in the mail from an anonymous person. (thank.you!)  Instead of rounding up…it was an extra 43 to the rest of the check. And I just laughed! God cares about those details. The little extra!

And more blessings have come from friends, and friends of my sister, siblings, two other anonymous checks and they’ve usually come right after a time where I was doubting God.

I was doing some figuring today, and it’s super close to what I need to go…plane ticket and all. PLUS, the little bit extra I was hoping to be able to have in my bank for when I come home.

Why do we doubt God, when He’s promised us that He’ll take care of it?

And these keep coming up…

And I will never fail or abandon you.

I will remain with you wherever you go.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Eternal, “plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future and hope-never forget that.

But this is one of my favorites.

May He grant the dreams of your heart and see your plans through to the end!

“Filled with His goodness, lost in His love”

That is my favorite line. And it’s been so true through this journey.


So in awe of His perfect goodness

Update Two-Call Him Good!

“Call Him good, my soul, and praise the Eternal…You are indeed great…”

That right there has proved so true in this journey. Even outside of the journey to Guatemala, He is still good.

One thing (out of many) that God has been teaching me is just HOW good, and faithful and so, so gentle He is with me. With us. And it blows. my. mind.

How much He’s pursuing me in this relationship. It’s not just me wanting more of Him. He wants more of me.

The Holy, Majestic God, who breathed the galaxies into existence. He doesn’t need this relationship. It doesn’t make Him complete. No. He’s already complete. But He wants to know me.

Crazy right?!

A lot of times, we get our eyes off of who He says He is. We get our eyes off of how great He is, and worry and whine to Him about everything we see that isn’t being done right this second.

That’s how I was Thursday night. Just overwhelmed at how much I still need and do before this 4 months is up and I climb on the plane.

And I was fearful. I let it take hold.

Friday morning, during my morning Jesus time, here’s what kept coming up.

“He. Is. Faithful.”

“Walk with me along paths of trust. The most direct route between point A and point B on your life journey is the path of unwavering trust in me.

Trust in me with all of your heart, and I will make your paths straight.”

I saw that last part as. “Trust me, and things will clear up. you’ll see how it all works out! I promise.”

The question is. Do I trust Him? Do I trust that Jesus, who is the one who started this journey will finish it?


Later on Friday, I got two cards with support, and encouragement in them by two dear people. They had no idea how much I was discouraged the night before. But God did, and it was like a refreshing reminder of just how much God’s got my back on this!


“…As for the Eternal, call Him good, my soul. Praise the Eternal!”

Update One

It just hit me the other day that I am leaving in 4 months.

But I’ll start from the beginning!

I’ve always wanted to do mission work, something God placed in me since  I was little. It just felt ‘right’.

Well, 2 years ago, I went down to Guatemala on my first trip,  to Casa Bernabe, (FOCE.org), for 1 month.

And now that I’m out of school,and not planning on going to college at the moment, I wanted to be open to what He had for me.

Then it opened up for me to go back to Guatemala, only this time for 5 months. I’ll be leaving January 1st-June 1st 2017.

I’ll be back at the same orphanage, and planning on helping in the baby home. And while I’m down there, here on this blog is where I’ll be giving updates : )

And I want to ask you to be a part of my journey, to be apart of what God is doing in these people’s lives and how He is working here on earth!

I wrote more about it on my fundraiser page HERE.  (it will eventually be on the side bar of my blog here.)

But above giving, I’m asking you to please pray for this trip and for me. Prayer can make such a huge difference, and it would be such a blessing to me. Pray:

•That I would keep an open heart to learn and be taught
•That God would be at work at Casa Bernabe and in these kids’ AND volunteers’ lives
•For my spiritual and physical strength.
•For safety
•But mostly…that God would be glorified through everything that happens!