:: Update Sixteen ::



Breaks inbetween….the hallway…the wait of unkowns…

I honestly keep trying to plan my life out and every single time, God has different ideas. And as frustrating it is for God to bust all my organized boxes, He knows the right path for me to walk.

But then again, what would life be if God gave us a checklist for the whole adventure? It’s not an adventure anymore, and we wouldn’t need God. We wouldn’t have those opportunities to grow our character and faith, as well as build a relationship with our Creator!

“But you…my servant…I have reached to wherever you are in the farthest corners of earth, and the most hidden places therein. I have called to you and said, “You are my servant. I have chosen you, not thrown you away!”

So don’t be afraid. I am here, with you’ don’t be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, help you. I am here with My right hand to make right and to hold you up.”

More and more I am coming to the realization that no matter how much we try to go our own way, Jesus always ends up gently bringing us back to His plan for our life…He always wins. Plus, His way always ends up working a whole lot better. We have peace about life and with him.

Even when we are confused, and don’t understand Him, we can still say, in the midst of our confusion….”Jesus…I really don’t understand any of this. at. all. I know you know, and you’ve promised me that your planes for my life are ones for good and not evil. One of hope. I place this in your hands.”

I had to do that the other night. It hurt my pride to give up my way to His. I wanted to understand everything right there and then. But  I ended up surrendering to His goodness…

I was recently reminded how small and insignificant I am to Him.  To the world and others. How I keep trying to be the man in charge. How He doesn’t need me at all…but He chose me and keeps choosing me! But I was reading in Isaiah when he is questioning us…”who advises God? How do we think we can gather all we have and try to have enough for God? What could we possibly compare to God? We are a smidgen spot on the scales.

This God who breathes stars into place…

“The Holy One asks, “Do you really think you can find someone or something to compare to Me? My equal?” Look at the myriad of stars and constellations above you. Who set them to burning, each in its place? Who knows those countless lights each by name? They obediently shine, each in its place, because God has the great strength and strong power to make it so.

Why, then, do you, inheritors of God’s promise, chosen of God, Why do you say, “My troubled path is hidden from the Eternal; God has lost all interest in my cause”?

And after reading that I went out to star gaze, the whole sky burned so crisp and clear with those lights He knows by name. With those lights He breathed in one whisper…and  I felt so tiny. But so privileged…I get to sit here, and gaze on a tiny part of His glory! I get to worship this maker who has such a divine imagination!!

He took the time to name each of those lights…not just in the Milky Way galaxy…but in the whole solar system…and He takes the gentlest time in preparing each path for each of us! On knowing all the paths…on knowing we are but mere mortals, subject to fade like a vapor, and He factors that into each step…

Who are we to say He isn’t interested in our lives..? That our way is better?

He cares so much more than we can ever imagine! He is so much more interested in our lives, way more than we could ever imagine, and His way is always, always better!







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